PPE - Visors, Masks & Gloves

With face coverings being compulsory for use on all forms of public transport and in a range of enclosed public spaces, particularly shops, the need for personal protective equipment is greater than ever before. And at Factory Suppliers we are confident that we can help.


Face masks

We supply medical-style disposable face masks in packs of 50. Constructed from non-polypropylene and filter paper, each mask features ear loops to hold them in place. Also available are washable masks; made from cloth and sold individually. Rather than looped over the ears, these can be tied and have a sleeve which allows you to insert your own filter. Alternatively, we provide disposable fold flat face masks (FFP2 masks) in packs of 5. These are designed to suit different shapes of face as they have a special nose bridge design and elasticated straps.

Safety visors

We appreciate that masks aren’t the most comfortable things to wear – and some people would prefer to wear a safety shield or visor. The visors we stock at factorysuppliers are very much like the NHS ones you’ll see on medical professionals. They have a comfortable, yet lightweight, foam frame which allows for long-time wear and a PVC plastic screen that protects the face and can be easily sanitised to kill germs.

Latex-free gloves

Nitrile gloves are commonly used in the medical field, in laboratories and for manufacturing applications,  and are made from synthetic rubber which means they are great for those who have latex allergies. Available in small, medium and large sizes, in packs of 100 – and priced at just £14.99 per pack – so you needn’t worry about breaking the bank!

Whether you’re wanting to stock up on PPE for your workforce, or you’re looking to buy reusable face coverings and/or a visor for yourself, you’re sure to find what you need within the collection below. So, why not take a look today?

For more information about our PPE – be it visors, masks or gloves, please get in touch with the team.