PPE - Signage

Whether the use of PPE signage is mandatory for your industry or you are just looking to guide staff and customers  safely around your premises, our extensive product range should provide all you need and more for a safe, secure establishment.


Clear understandable PPE signage

From ensuring a safe distance is kept between people, to offering a friendly reminder to sanitise hands, our range of PPE signage is bright, eye-catching and, above all else, clear. We have a huge variety from simple instructional to more informational posters, depending on what industry you’re in and what you need to get across.

Official NHS & HM Government guidance

All of our informative displays only contain information found on the official NHS and HM Government websites. We aim to provide the most appropriate guidance on our PPE signage, so you can rest assured that the information you’re putting out to your staff and customers is both current and relevant.

We work hard to keep on top of changes to government guidance too, so if something changes, we will amend our signage to reflect that change as soon as we can.

PPE floor signage and wall signs

Our range is vast and includes both wall signs and clear to display floor signage so that you can make guidance easy to find and as clear as possible. All of our PPE signage has been made to last, with easy to clean surfaces, and we also offer free UK delivery on orders over £75, so if you’re in need of a restock of signage for your business, you can browse our entire range below.