PPE - Thermometers

Do you routinely check the temperatures of staff and visitors in accordance with Government guidance? Have you considered the right steps to take if you suspect someone is showing symptoms of a disease?

Whatever your needs, our PPE mini and Infra-Red, non-contact, handheld thermometers are a great solution.


Contactless temperature checks
If you need to rely on mass temperature checking at your business premises, our Infra-Red non-contact thermometer allows you to do this quickly, without the need to sterilise equipment between checks. With a clear, easy to read digital LCD screen you can quickly get results on both adults and children and take the appropriate course of action to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our contactless thermometers are all CE & FDA approved and are a great way to gain a fast response, ideal for heavy footfall areas.
Check your symptoms before you leave the house
If you are looking to be extra cautious, our medical FDA mini thermometer is a great option, allowing you to quickly check your temperature before you leave, reducing the risk of a potential spread of infection.
PPE Thermometers to meet all budgets
Whether you’re in need of a high performing thermometer which can be used to test the temperatures of a number of people, or you need a reliable thermometer for personal use, our collection is suitable for all budgets and comes with the assurance of  FDA approval for peace of mind.

We offer free UK delivery on orders over £75, so if you’re in need of a new thermometer or any of our other PPE equipment, we can help.


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