ADL-D100 portable dynamic hardness tester


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This tester is designed for rapid measurement of metal samples.  Its accuracy is similar to stationary testers and it offers an affordable and reliable solution for many workshops.  It should prove useful for goods-in checks or in dispute resolution.  It features an intelligent averaging mode and unique statistical processing.

The bright, 3.5″ screen is a graphic display.  Accessories give the tester extremely wide use.  It is supplied in a rugged case.


Programmable: features standard scales and also has the facility for user-created scales (ie created to align with particular customer material requirements).

Upgradeable: the modern electronic platform means that software is upgradeable and processing capabilities can be added.

Data storage: the device can function as a database of company materials.

Accuracy: a modern element base and a high-quality sensor allow accurate measurements according to programmed calibrations, as close as possible to the accuracy of stationary testers.