ADL M12 portable vibration meter


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The ADL M12 portable vibration meter is a simple and user-friendly monitoring tool for the diagnosis of the condition of industrial machinery.  By detecting abnormal vibration at an early stage, unplanned down-time due to equipment malfunction can be avoided.

The main advantages of the ADL M12 are:

  • Miniature design with magnetic mounting and the possibility of attaching to an M5 stud, which eliminates the influence of the human factor on the measurement process;
  • High measurement accuracy for 3 vibration parameters: vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, and vibration displacement;
  • Diagnosis of rolling bearings by peak factor;
  • High degree of shock and drop protection;
  • Built-in battery and USB Type-C charging connector;
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity (option);
  • Real-time data transmission to any mobile device (additional option);
  • Built-in bright OLED display;
  • Measurement resolution up to 0.01;
  • Simple to use.

A distinctive feature of the ADL M12 vibration meter is the ability to operate in the following modes:

Classic vibrometer – measuring the overall vibration level, peak values, displacement etc, or diagnosis of rolling bearings by peak factor.  As a result, the device displays the current and averaged value. The duration of vibration value averaging can also be customised upon individual request.

Lineman Assistant – work of the servicing personnel along a specified route with data transmission to an external device. It is possible to connect to existing software or order individual software development.

The ADL M12 vibration meter is a portable assistant for vibration control that can significantly improve monitoring processes, making it extremely simple, convenient, and accurate.