ADL MS30 vibration analyser


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Vibration measurement and analysis on one channel, plus rotational speed and non-contact temperature measurement.

This instrument is manufactured by Adelix.  It performs amplitude, frequency and speed measurements on one channel and is used to diagnose the condition of mechanical equipment.  Compact and easy to use in scientific work, as well as equipment monitoring.  The built-in software makes data management and report generation easy.  Signal spectrum analysis allows diagnosis of imbalance, misalignment and premature wear.  Measurement is easy, with no prior preparation needed.

ADL MS30 can also measure rotational speeds and take non-contact temperature readings.

It’s ideal for real-time monitoring,  detecting faults without dismantling and enabling the avoidance of unscheduled down time.  Their application is wide; for example, gears, turbines, generators, pumps and engines.  Individual components and entire machines can be monitored.

Features and functions of the device:

  • Multiple measurements for comprehensive condition analysis.
  • Fast Fourier transform analysis.
  • Displays RMS and peak values.
  • Tracks vibration changes over time.
  • Non-contact temperature measurement.
  • Rotation measurement.
  • Battery operated.
  • Easy and Intuitive use.
  • Dust and moisture resistant.

Introducing vibration monitoring into maintenance schedules will promote the reliability and service life of equipment while minimising unscheduled down-time and  reducing costs.