ADL MS32 vibration analyser


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ADL MS32 is a vibration measurement and analysis instrument manufactured by Adelix. It carries out measurements on one channel and performs signal spectrum analysis of vibration amplitude, frequency and speed measurements.

This compact, easy-to-use device has been designed for both the field and the laboratory.   Built-in software allows easy data management and report production and the measurement process is rapid, with minimal preparation.  Measuring vibration at intervals allows the prediction of equipment deterioration and forecasting of down-time.

These devices are widely used for real-time monitoring and can be used on individual components or entire machines e.g. bearings, turbines, generators, rolling mills, and engines.  They are used in many industries.

Features and functions of the device:

  • Takes multiple measurements, allowing a comprehensive analysis of equipment condition.
  • Uses fast Fourier transform analysis.
  • Displays information on the RMS and peak values of vibration, and monitors changes in real-time.
  • Built in software allows the tracking of vibration changes and the production of graphs.
  • Battery operated.
  • Easy and Intuitive controls.
  • Dust and moisture resistant.

Vibration analysis is a proven method for increasing the reliability and life of equipment.  By detecting faults without dismantling, unscheduled down time can be virtually eliminated, with significant cost savings.