ADL MS52 vibration analyser


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ADL MS52 – 2 channel vibration analyser with equipment balancing functions.

This compact analyser has many functions for expert diagnosis of equipment condition and potential performance degradation.

It measures the the parameters and spectrum of equipment vibration, quickly evaluating to ISO 10816.  Data is collected and stored for subsequent diagnoses and potential detection of machinery deterioration.


  • Balancing – up to 8 correction planes (16 measurement points)
  • 2 channels for measuring and evaluating the vibration spectrum
  • Classic reliable piezo accelerometers
  • Wide frequency range for high quality, professional diagnostics
  • Preparation of reports in PDF and other formats
  • Large capacity flash drive for storing measurements and reports
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Energy-efficient  battery
  • Measurement archiving and reporting software
  • Intuitive interface
  • Bright colour display

ADL MS series analysers are used in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, aerospace and defence, thermal and nuclear power engineering, maintenance of agricultural equipment and transport, among numerous applications.  They are suitable for monitoring invividual elements or entire machines.