ADL MS52Pro vibration analyser with laser alignment function


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This vibration analysis and alignment tool is a compact instrument with many functions for expert diagnosis of vibration states.  The ADL MS52Pro model includes the ability to accurately and easily perform laser shaft alignment.

Vibration analyzer designed to measure general vibration parameters, analyze the vibration spectrum of rotating equipment, quickly evaluate according to ISO 10816, monitor the status of measurements and collect data for subsequent diagnostics and adjustment of various industrial equipment.

Features of vibration meter:

  • Balancing – up to 8 correction planes (16 measurement points)
  • 2 channels for measuring and evaluating the vibration spectrum
  • Classic reliable piezo accelerometers
  • Wide frequency range for high quality and professional diagnostics
  • Easy and precise shaft alignment
  • Distance between sensors on alignment equipment – up to 10m
  • Shaft diameter range 20 to 250 mm diameter with supplied chains
  • Ultralight wireless laser sensors with built-in Bluetooth for alignment.
  • Wide range of features including horizontal and vertical machine alignment, gasket simulator and thermal expansion calculation
  • Preparation of reports in PDF format and other
  • Large capacity flash drive for storing measurements and reports
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Energy-intensive battery
  • Measurement archiving and reporting software
  • Intuitive interface
  • Bright and color display.

The main field of application of the devices is the operational control of the mechanical condition during operation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair of equipment: bearings, gears, turbines, generators, fans, pumps, rotors, distribution plants, ball mills, rolling mills, gearboxes, conveyors, engines, blowers and many other equipment. Vibration analyzers of the ADL MS series are applicable for monitoring both entire structures and individual elements.

The vibration analyzers of the ADL MS series are used in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, light and defense industries, thermal and nuclear power engineering, maintenance of agricultural equipment, housing and communal services and transport.