ADL P3 vibrometer


Download Product Datasheet:


This vibrometer (vibration pen) allows you to carry out equipment condition monitoring by vibration measurement, ie the root mean square (RMS) of vibration velocity, peak value of vibration acceleration and range of vibration displacement. The ADL P3 vibration meter model can perform express diagnostics on bearings.

The main application is real-time condition monitoring for early detection of faults or abnormal wear levels without dismantling.

The vibration pen is a simple, miniature meter that gives a vibration reading by pressing just one button, for convenient, accurate, operational monitoring.

Main Advantages of the Devices:

  • express diagnostics of rolling bearings;
  • fast measurement (in a few seconds) by pressing one button;
  • the measurement process is shown on the screen;
  • miniaturization, compactness – the weight of the vibration meter is only 90g;
  • bright OLED screen;
  • ease to use – intuitive control and display of measurements;
  • There is a built-in Li-Pol battery, the possibility of autonomous operation up to 9 hours;
  • Battery charging is possible via USB from a computer, laptop, Power Bank, a regular mobile phone charger;
  • does not require special skills, knowledge of special qualifications of service personnel;
  • frequency range of measurements is sufficient for application in almost any branch of industry, transport and utilities.