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The 934-1 Barcol Impressor is mainly used to test aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is suitable to test pure aluminum, aluminum alloys, aluminum sheets, thick pieces, bars and assembled aluminum alloys parts (e.g. aluminum alloy doors, windows and ladders).

The 934-1 Barcol Impressor is also used to test fibre reinforced plastics and hard plastics according to ASTM D2583.

The unit complies with ASTM B648-00 for Indentation Hardness of Aluminum Alloys by means of a Barcol Impressor.

The 935 model Barcol Impressor is used to test soft plastics, lead, tin and other soft metals.

The 936 Barcol Impressor is used to test rubber, wood and leather etc.

Easy to Use: Single hand operation; high efficiency; able to make a test at almost any location.

High resolution: the unit has 100 measurement graduations, much higher resolution than the Webster hardness tester.

Wide range of applications: from very soft pure aluminum to very hard aluminum alloys.

Low thickness requirement: It can test components with thickness of greater than 0.8 mm.

No component support required: It can test from one side of the workpiece. It is not necessary to move or support the workpiece and therefore it can also be used to test very large and thick components and assembly parts.

Easy Conversion: The test results can be converted to HB, HR, HV and HW easily via a conversion table supplied with the unit.

High Quality Indenter: Gives long service life and easy to change.

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