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The Foundrax BRINscope manual Brinell microscope gives the accuracy of a scientific instrument with the reliability and robustness required for use on the shop floor – even in harsh industrial environments such as those found in foundries, forges, and steelworks.

The small area of the nose piece allows indentations to be read close up to shoulders, in corners etc. where Brinell hardness testers can make them but where other microscopes cannot reach, such as on pulleys, sheaves etc.

Consequently only a smaller surface area has to be prepared. When the piece to be tested has a convex or concave surface, the Foundrax Brinell Microscope measures more accurately, since the small base fits flush on the indentation.

The BRINscope is battery operated and completely portable, and since it is operated by a button switch which only puts the light on when the Microscope is actually in use the Lithium batteries will give over 360 hours of useable illumination – no mains power required.

The Foundrax BRINscope Brinell Microscope calibrated to the requirements of BS EN ISO 6506-2 and ASTM E10 provides the proper focus and lighting to make correct readings of Brinell hardness indentations.

The completely assembled instrument offers precision ground optics, a special 3-way lens system that provides sharp viewing without further adjustments.

Made of stainless steel the Foundrax Brinell Microscope is compact, lightweight and rugged – and it has its own built-in illumination.


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BRINscope 20, BRINscope 40