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Foundrax BRINtronic-LT and Foundrax BRINtronic-MD/PC automatic Brinell microscopes

Foundrax were the first company in the world to offer an authentic automatic optical Brinell measurement system and have more experience in this field than any other manufacturer.

The BRINtronic series measure indentations in the authentic optical manner and are UKAS certified to ISO6506 and ASTM E10.

The BRINtronic series of stand alone automatic Brinell microscopes includes:

  • BRINtronic–LT fully automatic portable Brinell microscope includes laptop PC supplied in a tough industrial quality case, (available without laptop computer as the BRINtronic-LTx).
  • BRINtronic-PC fully automatic desktop Brinell microscope, available with a range of accessories including IP65 ruggedised industrial cabinet and IP 65 industrial membrane keyboard.
  • BRINtronic-MD² fully automatic Brinell microscope kit for use with customers own PC/Laptop, (also available is the BRINtronic-MDb which includes a re-chargeable battery to make it suitable for portable use).

The BRINtronic fully automatic Brinell microscope series include the following features:

  • Calibrated according to clauses 4.4.2 of ISO 6506-2 and 15.1.3 of ASTM E10.
  • Directly traceable and comparable to National standards.
  • Measures indentations in the authentic optical manner and is UKAS certified to ISO 6506 and ASTM E10.
  • Fully automatic – no measurement by the operator and no operator influence on the results.
  • Fast – displays test results in HBW and mm in tenths of a second.
  • For use on normal industrial hand prepared surfaces as well as mirror finish reference blocks, no special preparation required.
  • Suitable for both shop floor and laboratory use, and ideal for settling disputes.
  • A modular construction allows the user to replace components on site with simple changeover of all components, even a new laptop can be fitted on site and a special securing foam supplied (BRINtronic-LT).
  • Heavy duty 4.6M armoured cable (longer available upon request), steel bodied microscope unit with push button trigger and military style connectors, free standard software upgrades.
  • The microscope unit features internal logic to ensure that the correct calibration data is used for every test regardless of the microscope unit used (where more than one is available).
  • Results provided in HBW and mm, and available to 2 decimal places (HBW) and 4 decimal places (mm).
  • Measures indentations made with 2.5 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm indenters (depending on microscope unit).

Lead times for the BRINtronics are 4-6 weeks only.

Please contact us for more information.

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