Brinell hardness testers – ROBUS

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Brinell hardness testers – ROBUS D & B

The Robus is a closed loop bench top Brinell hardness tester made by world leading Brinell hardness tester manufacturers Foundrax.

This machine is capable of operating in all scales from HBW 2.5/62.5 to HBW 10/3000 but is supplied calibrated and UKAS certified in any two scales as standard (all scales available if required).

The load cells are custom made specifically for the forces used in Brinell hardness testing and are not simple “off the shelf” units run over capacity, the body is designed using finite element analysis to be able easily resist the forces generated during the full 3000 kg test.

The control system is simple, intuitive and icon based and able to operate in any language the user prefers. The interface is based on the Foundrax BRINtronic system, taking full advantage of their many years of experience in making systems which are simple and reliable for the operator.

The Robus D comes with a single microscope unit, suitable for indentations made either with 5mm or 10mm indenters, or, 2.5mm or 5mm indenters.  Each microscope has a unique internal identification, allowing the Robus D to automatically select only the correct calibration information appropriate to the microscope fitted.

The Robus offers all the benefits of Foundrax’s seventy years of foundry, forge and steel works experience in a robust bench top machine that is equally reliable in the laboratory or on the shop floor.

Lead times for the Robus’s are 6 weeks only.

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