Leeb hardness tester DHT-100

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  1. Wrist type hardness tester
  2. Easy to read menu operation
  3. Large LCD display with backlight
  4. Suitable for most metals
  5. Based on the hardness HL value, conversion to HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS and Tensile Strength
  6. Impact devices D, DC, DL, C, D+15, and G are available for special applications
  7. Test at any angle, even upside down
  8. RS232 output and internal memory up to 1250 average readings
  9. Manufacturer’s rated accuracy of ±0.5%
  10. Works on 4 standard AAA batteries
  11. Auto shutdown after 2 minutes
  12. Conforms to ASTM A956
Hardness Parameter  HL, HRC, HRB, HV, HB,HS 
Measuring Range   See Table Below 
Display 128 X 64 LCD With Backlight
Display Functions D  Hardness Scale, Hardness Value, Average Value, Impact Direction, Max/Min Value, Material, Battery 
Accuracy  Within +/- 0.5% (At HLD=800) 
Memory  1250 Group 
Standard Impact Device D
Optional Impact Device C / D+15 / DC / DL /G
Output  RS232 
Testable Work Piece – Thickness Coupled:  Minimum 3 Mm Or More (Except With Impact Device G:10mm)
– Mass: 5kg Or More  (2-5kg On Solid Support ,﹤2kg With Couplant Paste)
– Surface Roughness: Ra 10
– Radius (Convex/Concave): Rmin=30mm Or More (﹤30mm With Support Ring )
– Test Points: 5mm Or More From The Edge Of The Sample,
3mm Or More To Each Of The Tested Points.
Battery Type 2 AAA Batteries
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +50℃
Dimensions 108mm×61mm×25mm
Weight 200g

Standard Delivery

  1. Main unit with Impact Device model D
  2. Certified test block with HLD-value
  3. Software and cable
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Small support ring
  6. Calibration certificate
  7. Leather wrist strap
  8. User manual
  9. Carrying case

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