Leeb hardness tester DHT-400Plus

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  • OLED display 128×64
  • Measuring range 200-900HL
  • Manufacturer’s rated accuracy and repeatability 0.5% at 800HL
  • Conforms to ASTM A 956
  • Optional Bluetooth printer or Connect to Smartphone or tablet via App
  • Impact Device D is supplied as standard, optional Impact Device C, DL or G available for different applications
  • 360° full angle measurement and automatic impact direction recognition
  • Based on HL value, conversions to HRB, HRC, HV, HB and HS available
  • Memory of 2,000 average readings in 10 files, data transfer without software
  • Multi-languages and Multi-national hardness standards
Measurement range 200HL~900HL See table 1
Hardness parameter HL, HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS and Tensile strength
Optional impact device C, DL or G
Materials Steel & Cast steel, Alloy tool steel, Stainless steel, Grey cast iron, Spheroidal iron, Cast aluminum, Brass, Bronze and Copper
Minimum thickness Minimum 3mm or more (10mm for Impact device G)
Weight 5Kg or more (Need Solid support 2-5Kg, Need coupled <2Kg)
Roughness ≤Ra10
Test point Radius (convex/concave) Rmin=30mm or more
(Need support ring<30mm)
5mm or more from edge of the sample
Operating temperature -20℃~+50℃
Dimensions 158mm(L)×41mm(W)×26mm(H)
Weight 0.12kg (including batteries)

Table 1 for Impact device D

Steel & Cast Steel 300-900 19.8-68.5 59.6-99.6 80-651 32.5-99.5 83-976
Alloy tool Steel 300-840 80-898
Stainless Steel 300-800 20.4-67.1 46.5-101.7 85-655 85-802
Grey cast iron 444-650 140-334 30D2
Spheroidal Iron 416-658 19.6-62.4 140-384 30D2
Cast Aluminum 200-560 30-159 10D2
Brass 200-550 13.5-95.3 40-173 10D2
Bronze 300-700 60-290 10D2
Copper 200-690 40-315 10D2


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DHT-400DL+, DHT-400C+, DHT-400G+