Rockwell hardness tester with magnetic base PHR series

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The PHR Rockwell series features a magnetic base allowing the user to lamp onto the surface of large iron/steel components to perform a Rockwell hardness test.

The PHR series perform the authentic Rockwell hardness test in line with ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.

The portable nature of the PHR series means that the user can perform a quick on-site quick test to find the hardness of ferrous components if the surface is available.

These portable Rockwell hardness testers are an excellent replacement for a Leeb hardness tester, offering far greater accuracy and reliability as well as performing an authentic Rockwell hardness test.


It is a portable unit which clamps magnetically to the test surface – take the unit to the component rather than the component to the test machine.

It is quick, convenient, and performs an authentic Rockwell hardness test.

Results are easy to read and the system has excellent repeatability.

Complies with ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.

The PHR-100 is a manual analogue device applying the test force entirely under control of the user. The instrument is magnetically clamped to the component, the pre-load is applied by means of the user turning the handle on the top of the device until the gauge shows the requisite pre-load. The hardness read-out is then zeroed by the operator and the handle turned until the full test force is applied. Once the dwell time at full load has been achieved the user winds back the test force until the gauge shows the pre-load is being applied once again and the hardness value then read from the indicator.

The PHR-200 has a digital display and allows the user to monitor the test force application electronically. The means of operation is broadly similar to that of the PHR-100 with the benefit that the test time application is also displayed electronically giving the user the opportunity for more reliable test cycle times and additionally the result is displayed digitally at greater resolution than the PHR-100.

Initial test force: 10 Kgf
Total test force: 60 Kgf, 100 Kgf, 150 Kgf
Test head: 120°diamond indenter, 1/16″ carbide alloy ball
Indication Error: Complies with ISO 6508 , ASTM E18 and ASTM E110
Repeatability Error: Complies with ISO 6508 ASTM E18 and ASTM E110
Working range: 20~88 HRA, 20~100 HRB, and 20~70 HRC
Test Resolution:
PHR-100: 0.5 HR
PHR-200: 0.1 HR
PHR-100: 4.7 kg
PHR-200: 5.3 kg
Minimum test surface:
Flat: Area ≥ 195 mm × 60 mm
Thickness ≥ 5 mm
Cylinder: Diameter ≥ 60 mm
Length≥200 mm
Thickness≥8 mm



120°diamond indenter (Not UKAS certified)

1/16″ carbide alloy ball (Not UKAS certified)

Rockwell hardness block (Not UKAS certified)

Recharger (PHR-200 only)

Battery box (PHR-200 only)

Carrying case



120°diamond indenter (UKAS certified)

1/16″ mm carbide alloy ball (UKAS certified)

Rockwell hardness block (HRB, HRC high value, HRC middle value, HRC low value) (UKAS certified)

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PHR-100 analogue Rockwell hardness tester with magnetic base, PHR-200 digital Rockwell hardness tester with magnetic base