Hardness testers - shear-pin type, PHB-1 and PHB-150

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These “Brinell style” hardness testers control the force application by means of a calibrated shear pin which fails in a controlled way once a pre-determined force is applied.

The PHB-150 applies the force by means of a lead screw which is turned to increase the indentation force, when the target force is reached the pin shears, the force is removed and the indentation process is complete.

The PHB-1 applies the force via a hammer impact which shears the pin and applies the force.

Force application is reliable and consistent between tests.

Test force F=1580 Kg, diameter of test ball D=7.26 mm, which leads F/D²=30. It works using a method similar to Brinell and is intended to give equivalent results to those gained using a force of 3,000 Kgf with a 10 mm indenter ball.

Operation is simple and easy. Small or medium sized parts can be tested via the PHB-150 whilst larger parts can be tested by means of the PHB-1 impact type device.

A single shear pin is required for each test, the PHB-150 is an excellent and reliable battery-free alternative to a Leeb hardness tester.

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PHB-1 Impact type device, PHB-150 G clamp type device