Portable superficial Rockwell hardness tester PHR-S



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These portable superficial Rockwell hardness testers can be used on thin, small, long and irregular shaped parts as well as on inner and outer surfaces of steel pipes etc.

They are particularly suitable for parts with small bearing faces (e.g. small stampings etc).

There are a variety of anvils available allowing the user to test arrange of small and irregularly shaped items.


  • Tests superficial Rockwell
  • Complies with ISO 6508 and ASTM E18
  • Optional bench stand means it can be used on the desk as well as on site.
  • Tests the superficial Rockwell hardness of thin plates, slim tubes, thin shafts, small balls and small stampings, workpieces with a small supported test surface as well as parts where minimal indentation size is preferred.
  • It is used for finished workpiece non—destructive hardness test directly. The small indentation is acceptable to most workpieces.
  • Test force calibrated with fully traceable load cells


Initial test force: 3 Kgf
Total test forces: 15 Kgf, 30 Kgf, 45 Kgf
(for PHR —1 ST 15 Kgf onIy)
Indenter: 120° Diamond indenter, 1/16″ carbide ball
Accuracy: Complies with ISO 6508, ASTM E18
Resolution: 0.5 HR
Scales: HRN, HRT,HRW, HRX, HRY, etc. 15 scales.
Application: All metals including iron, steel copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, tin, carburized steel, nitrided steel etc.

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PHR-1S 25 x 25mm, PHR-2S 50 x 50mm, PHR-1ST 25 x 25mm, Bench Stand