General purpose abrasive cut-off wheels

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Materials have different properties with regard to hardness and toughness. Therefore it is necessary for the bond of the abrasive wheel to break down at a rate a suitable to expose the abrasive at the correct time. Failure to address these issues will cause burning and or even greater damage.

Hard and tough materials require a wheel which has a bond which breaks down more quickly than one that would be needed for a softer material. The harder the material the softer the bond of the wheel and the shorter the life. If the material is softer in nature then a harder bonded wheel can be used which also gives a greater life.

The General Purpose Wheel Abrasive Wheels have been designed to cover a range of materials of different properties.  For the ferrous based materials an Alumina abrasive wheel is preferred but for non ferrous materials and Titanium alloys a Silicon Carbide wheel is provided.

Type 3H      For very hard ferrous materials in the range Rc 60+

Type 2HA   For tough materials such as Case Hardened Steels, Nickel based Superalloys Rc 40 – 55

Type 33H    For medium hard ductile steels

Type 2H      For general purpose ferrous materials  Rc 25 – 40

Type H        For sectioning of ferrous tube

Type T2       For titanium, aluminium and copper alloys

Wheels are available in sizes of 250 mm – 300 mm – 350 mm in packs of 10.

Bore size 32 mm

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Type & Size

Type 3H 250 x 1.6 x 32mm, Type 2HA 250 x 1.6 x 32mm, Type 2HA 300 x 2.0 x 32mm, Type 2HA 350 x 2.5 x 32mm, Type 33H 250 x 1.6 x 32mm, Type 33H 300 x 2.0 x 32mm, Type 33H 350 x 2.5 x 32mm, Type 2H 250 x 1.6 x 32mm, Type 2H 300 x 2.4 x 32mm, Type H 250 x 1.6 x 32mm, Type H 250 x 2.0 x 32 mm (R), Type T2 250 x 1.6 32 mm