Grinding discs for use with diamond suspensions - Cameo Gold

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Grinding discs for use with diamond suspensions – Cameo Gold.

The Cameo Silver and Cameo Gold are a new type of fine grinding disc which deliver a constant stock removal rate by the application of the diamond suspension instead of multiple Silicon Carbide stages. Available as Silver for medium to hard materials > 400 HV and Gold for softer materials < 400 HV and including Ferrous and Non Ferrous applications. Providing an even surface finish and efficient stock removal.

Fine grinding discs that deliver a constant stock removal rate. They can be used to replace many traditional grinding steps from P240 to P1200 where SiC papers are commonly used. This reduces the number of steps in your procedure resulting in considerable cost savings and waste reduction, and optimum flatness is achieved. The matrix pattern optimises the effectiveness
of the diamond suspension applied by ensuring continuous and even distribution during the grinding process.
Steel backed for use on MAGNOBASE

The patented micro pools spread and recycle the diamond suspension which reduces the the usage compared to other systems.

The Cameo Silver & Cameo Gold discs can be used on Manual and Automatic machines.

• Cost efficient – one Cameo disc replaces many SiC abrasive papers
• Patented surface profile ensures even stock removal
• The micro pools spread and recycle the diamond suspension which substantially reduces the usage compared with other systems
• The stock removal rates of Cameo discs are unsurpassed, giving short preparation times and a perfectly flat surface
• Cameo Discs can be used on both manual and automatic polishers

Available in disc size 200 mm (8″), 250 mm (10″) and 300 mm (12″) diameter.

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Disc Size

200 mm (8") dia. magnetic, 250 mm (10") dia. magnetic, 300 mm (12") dia. magnetic