Platinum diamond grinding discs



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Cameo Platinum Diamond Grinding Discs are designed for the primary and fine grinding stages particularly in ferrous  and super alloy applications. An efficient & economic alternative to the grinding stages often carried out by the use of Silicon Carbide abrasive papers.

Discs complete with backing to attach directly to a magnetic base.

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DISC Size & Grit Size

DISC 200 mm P80-100, DISC 200 mm P120-150, DISC 200 mm P220-320, DISC 200 mm P400-600, DISC 200 mm P1000, DISC 250 mm P80-100, DISC 250 mm P120-150, DISC 250 mm P220-320, DISC 250 mm P400-600, DISC 250 mm P1000, DISC 300 mm P80-100, DISC 300 mm P120-150, DISC 300 mm P220-320, DISC 300 mm P400-600, DISC 300 mm P1000