Silicon carbide grinding papers - Adhesive backed 305 mm DISC

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Silicon carbide waterproof abrasive papers – Adhesive backed 305 mm DISC

Silicon Carbide is a sharp, efficient and economic cutting surface and is ideal for most ductile, soft and composite materials. Economic to use in both manual and controlled preparation systems with grades ranging from FEPA Grade P60g – P4000g ( 275 um. – 6 um).

Available in self adhesive in further diameters of 203 mm and 250 mm.  Also available as plain backed in diameters of 203 mm, 230 mm, 250 mm and 305 mm, this product is available in plain backed rolls 20 metres long by 76 mm.

Pack of 100.

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DISC Size & Grit Size

DISC 305mm P60, DISC 305mm P80, DISC 305mm P120, DISC 305mm P180, DISC 305mm P240, DISC 305mm P320, DISC 305mm P400, DISC 305mm P600, DISC 305mm P800, DISC 305mm P1200, DISC 305mm P2500, DISC 305mm P4000