Diamond polishing compounds - Polycrystalline 10g

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Diamond polishing compounds – Polycrystallline diamond compound in disposable syringes.

The diamond products covers the whole range needed for successful materials preparation. Options include Monocrystalline diamond for routine preparation or Polycrystalline diamond where a greater stock removal rate and better surface finish is required.

Both of these diamond options are available in 250 ml manually pressurised sprays, 400 ml trigger Sprays, 1 litre refill bottles and in syringes of diamond paste.

For those with materials that are susceptible to attack by water an Oil based Monocrystalline option is also available.

The Polymet special formula product option has been designed to increase preparation efficiency and create a superior surface finish. The Diamet option is a a unique self lubricating formula trigger spray option gives excellent performance with maximum economy.

As well as the Diamond suspension range there are Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline Paste options accompanied with Alcohol based, Water based & Oil based lubricants.

Available in a 10 g disposable syringe.

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Diamond – Micron size ¼, Diamond – Micron size 1, Diamond – Micron size 3, Diamond – Micron size 6, Diamond – Micron size 9, Diamond – Micron size 15