Portable Rockwell hardness testers – G clamp type, PHR series


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Small, light, accurate portable Rockwell hardness tester.

It consists of a G-clamp type test frame, screw arbor and test head.

It can test flat or curved parts as long as the parts can be reliably clamped and the test surface is in contact with the test head.

There is a range of models available allowing users to pick one most suitable to their own requirements.

It can be applied in production inspection or acceptance testing and is a good alternative to a Leeb hardness tester.



Applies the authentic Rockwell hardness test and gives reliable, repeatable results.

The instrument is fixed to the component to be tested, no need to take the component to the tester.

Quick and easy to use, with an error of less than 1.5HRC.

Initial test force: 10 Kgf
Total test force: 60 Kgf, 100 Kgf, 150 Kgf
Test head: 120°Diamond Indenter
1/16″ carbide  alloy ball
PHR-4-3 100mm (W) x 75mm (D)
PHR-8-4 200mm (W) x 100mm (D)
PHR-8-10 200mm (W) x 250mm (D)
PHR-20-12 500mm (W) x 300mm (D)
Indication Error: Complies with ISO 6508, ASTM E110 and ASTM E18
Repeatability Error: Complies with ISO 6508, ASTM E110 and ASTM E18
Test Resolution: 0.5 HR
Application range: Common materials including iron and steel, copper and aluminium.


120°diamond indenter (not UKAS certified)
1/16″ carbide ball indenter (not UKAS certified)
Rockwell test block (not UKAS certified)
V anvil
Carrying case



120°diamond indenter (with UKAS certificate of calibration)
Carbide ball indenter(1/16″,1/8″) (with UKAS certificate of calibration)
Steel ball indenter(1/4″) (with UKAS certificate of calibration)
Rockwell test blocks(HRC-high, HRC-low,HRB) (with UKAS certificate of calibration)
Special anvils (as per requirements)

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PHR-4-3 (100mm W x 75mm D), PHR-8-4 (200mm W x 100mm D), PHR-8-10 (200mm W x 250mm D), PHR-20-12 (500mm W x 300mm D)