Ultrasonic thickness gauge DC-5000

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Max power for very thick composite materials, resolution 0.01mm, 1MHz single element probes are available, measurement range 20-590mm, memory capacity 100 files x 100 data elements, multiple languages.Features

1. Max power for very thick composite materials
2. A&B scan and big digits display
3. Colour TFT display 320×240
4. Resolution 0.01 mm, measuring range 20mm-590mm
5. 1MHZ single element probe is available
6. Automatic probe recognition and automatic zero calibration
7. Automatic measurement and manual-measurement options
8. Automatically locates the detection point
9. Measurement data is automatically frozen when users remove the probe
10. Memory capacity 10,000 items of data in 100 files, transfer of data to PC, software
available for any windows operating systems
11. Multi-languages