Webster hardness tester W Series


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Portable hardness tester for on-site hardness tests on aluminium alloys. The test is made by means of a simple clamping action, it is convenient, efficient and reliable.

The Webster hardness tester is the preferred instrument for testing the mechanical properties of aluminium alloys in accordance with ASTM B647.

It can be used to quickly test the hardness of aluminium profiles, tubes, sheets, accessories and other soft metals. It is especially suitable for quick, 100% final testing prior to dispatch.

The Webster hardness tester can be also used on copper, brass and soft steel.


Indenter: High hardness for long service life, easy to change

Indicator Hand: Extremely robust, not likely to be damaged over long-term use or by accident.

Dial Glass: High strength, rugged, scratch resistant.

Handle: Forged aluminum alloy handle with fine anodized finish, with high resistance to abrasion and stain.

Stability: Stable full scale point, stable calibration point, indicator never drifts.


W-20: The most popular model, used to test normal aluminium profiles.

W-20a: Used to test aluminium profiles with thickness within 13 mm.

W-20b: Used to test aluminium tubing with inner diameter over 6 mm.

W-B75: Used to test brass tubing and brass sheets.

W-BB75: Used to test copper tubing and copper sheets.

W-B92: Used to test soft stainless steel sheets, cold-rolled steel, etc.


Testing Range: 0 ~ 20 HW (equivalent to 20 ~ 110 HRE, Model W-20)

Resolution:       0.5 HW (5 ~ 17 HW)

Repeatability:  0.5 HW (5 ~17 HW)

Weight:             0.5 kg


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Weight 0.5 kg

W-20, W-20a, W-20b, W-B75, W-BB75, W-B92